The Family Violence Project of Waterloo Region is a collaborative of agencies that provides wrap-around, seamless services to victims of domestic violence - all from a single location.

It takes enormous courage on the part of a victim to just come through one door and ask for help let alone to navigate a myriad of services scattered throughout the community. By entering one door at 400 Queen Street South in Kitchener, victims connect with a person they can trust who will guide them through a number of services all in a caring and supportive environment. Services such as police trained to deal with family violence, personal counselling for adults and children, assistance with developing safety plans, shelters, crisis/medical support for sexual assault, financial counselling, children's services, support groups, outreach services to the community, legal services, specialized elder abuse services, rural outreach services and specialized programs - all under one roof.

  • Ontario
  • Funded by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Victim Services Secretariat Community Grants Program.
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